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Behind The Funny

Aug 15, 2019

Ray Harrington and Derek Furtado return to Behind The Funny to talk about their new project "Undependent".  It's a pilot they shot about two documentary film makers.  We talked about comedy festivals compared to film festivals.  Ray plays six degrees of separation bringing things full circle from the Comedy Connection...

Aug 9, 2019

Ace and I traveled to the Winners Circle in Salisbury MA to talk to Juston McKinney and man was it worth it.  Fresh off his recording Marc Maron’s WTF podcast he still had a lot to say that he didn’t say on WTF.  He’s a very accomplished comedian with an unbelievable story.  From a tragic childhood, to being...

Aug 2, 2019

Drug Abuse and Fur Babies, hard to describe this episode but Ace and I invited Alan Moreau and Derek K Moore in for a discussion on all things comedy.  We start off congratulating Derek for being signed by an agent, the conversation then takes on a life of its own but it turned out to be a fun conversation.